The Albin Halbritter company was founded in October 1975. In November 1984 the company was turned into the Albin Halbritter GmbH (ltd. company). Mister Albin Halbritter, senior and founder of the company, passed away on 07.11.2008 after a long and serious illness. Already since April 2001 his son Erich Halbritter has taken on the position of the firm's manager.
Since the end of 2008, Erich and Josua Halbritter are the two companions of the Albin Halbritter Getränkeindustriebedarf GmbH (ltd. company) and lead the company in memory of the senior and founder. 


For 40 years we are involved with building and modifying single tanks and devices.We are also specialized in the purchase and sale, and respectively the mediation of complete units, plants, single machineries, as well as tanks and containers for the production, filling storing and packing of beer, juices, mineral water, milk,  cheese, alcohols, softdrinks, waters, oils and paste-like products. We also frequently carry interesting offers for non-fluid goods such as powders, tablets, slaughterhouse equipment, pharmacy, candy- and chocolate production, and even for the chemical industry.



We store an enormous amount of tanks, machinery, pumps, armatures and much more for the complete food and beverage industry on over 7000 squaremeters. Our property further includes an installation hall and an office- and storage building.


We will gladly mediate your abandoned units, plants as well as your single machines, for you as the seller FOR FREE. If the occasion arises, we will pay you a visit and take pictures of the given items, catalogue them and create data sheets. Your items could then be displayed on the internet as well as in a variety of pertinent tradejournals and magazines.

We certainly buy a huge amount of items directly and store them on location.